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What others consider extra

We consider standard.

Estate sales are a great way to sell a ton of items at great prices in a very short amount of time.

They are the most direct way to reach shoppers and sell to them an estates many useful items.

Tens of thousands of people shop estate sales every weekend.


Having your estate advertised properly is key to a great sale.

organize and stage

We create a boutique experience for each of our estate sales.

valuation & research

Your items value is researched, not guessed.  If needed, professional appraisers are consulted. 

conduct the sale

Transparency and efficiency are created with a modern point-of- sale check out system.


Proceeds will be delivered within 5 business days of your estate sale.

So, what makes our estate sales revolutionary? 
The short edition...

We have worked hard to create a consistent shopping experience above and beyond today's industry standards. 

This has helped grow our following of Goose Insiders!!  Shoppers love our sales because we take great pride in making their experience top notch.  They are greeted with a smile, have access to shopping baskets and holding tables, are directed through your estate with clear signage and never question a price because your items are clearly and professionally tagged.  

Organizing your items and staging your home

are critical for a successful sale.  We continue to organize and stage through out your sale, not just at the start.  


Our check out process is efficient.  Ran by a point-of-sale system, shoppers are given the option to receive a receipt and appreciate the acceptance of cash and credit card payment. 


We also provide a wrapping station and shopping bags to ensure they get their new treasures home safely. 


The happier the shopper the more likely they browse your estate longer and ultimately purchase more items.

What makes us different from everyone else? 
the simple answer is: "It's ALL in the DETAILS!"
Putting together a professional estate sale is choreographing chaos!
Every sale is unique, but there are a few key details that separate us from other companies!
The long edition...


Extensive Photographs

In the pre-sale process we professionally photograph items in the home,

creating a comprehensive online photo album showcasing the contents of the estate sale.  

This enables our shoppers to “walk” through the sale from the comfort of their home before it even begins. 

All photography is included in the estate sale listings and posted on social media platforms.

Listings on & is the most viewed estate sales web site in the country.

We have the highest level membership available, giving our sales prime visibility over

lower membership companies.  All sales are posted on

with a comprehensive description and extensive photo album.

Directional Lead In Signs and House Yard Sign


Drive by traffic is the key to success for any estate sale.

We place directional signs at all of the nearest major streets, leading customers straight to the sale. 

With all of the customer cars parked on the street, finding the sale location can be confusing.

We addressed this with house yard signage out front letting customers know the open hours.

Presentation is EVERYTHING!

We believe a clean, well organized and properly staged home results in better sale totals for our clients. 

Shoppers find more enjoyment in the experience, shop longer and  purchase more. 

Cleaning, staging and organizing are continuous. 

Our goal is to always present our client's merchandise in this fashion, not just when the sale begins.  


Professional signage is strategically placed through out our sales to help shoppers. 

Our shoppers know if there are multiple floors, if an item is not for sale, if an item has been sold,

if there are rooms that should not be entered, where to check out, etc.  

Valuables are securely locked with various cases to prevent theft. 

Displays are representative of our branding, creating a boutique-like atmosphere! 




We utilize a point-of-sale system.  WE ARE TRANSPARENT!


Professional appearance is extremely important.  

Handwritten tags are often illegible and inconsistent, creating confusion for shoppers.  

We avoid these problems by clearly pricing every item.  Shoppers are able to focus on the deals they want, instead of wondering about pricing.  Our system creates a modern checkout as items are quickly rang and bagged.  With a point-of-sale system, there is no need to pause for adding and totaling, fast checkouts are our specialty.  At the end of your sale we provide a full transaction list so you’ll be able to see what sold, and when. 

Your final sales record makes for complete transparency, giving you peace of mind.

​​Unsurpassed Service Skills

Simply put, we are kind, helpful and honest.  Qualities that both our clients AND shoppers appreciate. 

We routinely go above and beyond to make things happen THE RIGHT WAY!!

We are licensed and insured.

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