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Our Services

What others consider extra

We consider standard.


Our team handles every aspect of the in-home estate sale,

from start to finish.


This type of sale is sometimes referred to as a "tag sale" and will run 1 to 3 days depending on the size of the estate.  


We organize all the contents of the house, price every item, advertise extensively, then host a very well attended estate sale. 


Receive a check within 5 business days of  your completed sale.


A competitive bidding platform is a fantastic solution for the following scenarios... 

small groups of high value items

items of such significance they’re better served by being offered to a national audience

estates located in a rural setting or community where parking presents a major challenge  

sometimes there is simply not enough items in the estate for a tag sale, this is typical for relocation or

move down clients


Specialized services that help seniors relocate.

The process of moving to a new home, or downsizing to a condo or senior housing facility is a big job for anyone.  These transitions can be especially overwhelming for seniors who are moving from a long time residence filled with decade’s worth of stuff and a lifetime of memories.


We offer services to help make these transitions a lot easier.

Choosing the correct methodology for asset liquidation is vital to the success of your estate sale.  We will preview your estate and advise on how to best leverage modern online auctions or  traditional in-home estate sales.

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