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What others consider extra

We consider standard.

auctions as easy as 1.2.3.


we prepare your estate


items are sold on a competitive bidding platform


you get paid

                A competitive bidding platform is a fantastic solution for the following scenarios


                        smaller groups of higher value items


                        items of such significance they’re better served by being offered to a national audience


                        estates located in a rural setting or community where parking presents a major challenge  


                        at times there is simply not enough in the estate, this is typical for relocation or move down clients




 the goose process

We create an online auction with a competitive bidding environment, host a spectacular preview day  and facilitate a pick-up date with the highest bidders. 

Your estate is organized and labeled into lots, beautifully staged and professionally photographed. 

We have the highest-level membership available at giving our sales prime visibility      over lower membership companies.  Sales are posted on and several social     media platforms!  We will seed your area with our custom signs, utilize local news media and email      our Goose Insiders.


Our preview days set us apart from other companies.  They are open to the public and we work            extensively to draw in a crowd.  This creates an increased interest in your items and more bidders         participating in your auction.  Drive by traffic is essential and we place directional signs at all of the     nearest major streets, leading shoppers straight to your preview day.  An attractive A-frame is placed  out front letting shoppers know the open hours.  Professional signage is strategically placed through   out the estate to decrease any confusion.  Our shoppers know if there are multiple floors, if there are   rooms that should not be entered, if there are cabinets that should be opened, etc.  Valuables are         securely locked with various cases to prevent theft.  Most importantly all shoppers leave with                information on how to become a bidder and participate in your online auction.

Once your online auction is complete, we host a pick up date for the winning bidders.

Together, we’ll manage your unsold items.  We will decide whether the unsold items should be            donated, gifted to family or sold on an alternative platform.  We will then work to facilitate any               necessary aspects of that process. 

Proceeds as well as  a full transaction report are delivered to you within 5 business days of the close of your online auction.

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