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Senior Transition

Each client is unique.

Our services are tailored to address the needs of the individual.

Free Initial Consultation
  • Our team will meet with you for an onsite visit. 

  • We will discuss your goals and address any concerns. 

  • Together we will walk through your estate, noting the items you wish to be moved to your new home. 

  • Remaining marketable items will be included in your tag sale or online auction. 

  • Remaining items that are not marketable will be donated or disposed of.

Personalized Agreement
  • After our team has gathered all of the information needed, we will generate a quote for you to review. 

  • Once the quote is accepted and the agreement is signed,we get to work for you. 

  • Your timeline is based exclusively on your circumstances.

Clean up
  • At the completion of your tag sale or online auction we assist you in donating or discarding any items left. 

  • Finally, we can coordinate any cosmetic improvements and repairs needed to make the home market ready. 

We customize our Senior Transition packages to
provide our clients with the support needed to create a less overwhelming transition.
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