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We make a difference with our local estate sales.



Goose & Co. is a locally owned estate sale company.  Our business was established because we sincerely believe in what we do.

We believe in Work That Matters.

With every sale we take on, our team gets to serve a Virginian family going through a major life transition.

Through our work, we make at least one aspect of their transition easier.


Our team is a group of hand-picked difference makers.

Everyday we show up for work and make someone else’s life a little easier.


Our logo is an optical illusion, looking both like flying geese(transitions) and goose tracks(Our journey). 

Footprints are what we leave behind, they are the memory, the path, the journey. 

During every estate sale we manage, our goals are threefold:

  1. Generate the greatest amount of revenue; 

  2. Within the shortest amount of time

  3. In a way that is both easy and worry-free for you.

Goose & Co. Brand


After many conversations about branding and market position it was apparent we wanted to be a different kind of estate sales company.  While we enjoy helping our client's with their asset liquidation, our ultimate goal is to bring a little happy and create a smile during an often overwhelming and emotional time.  We believe this starts with our name.


Geese encompass community, family and efficiency. 



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